Episode 5: Tapestry – The Band and Their Virtual Reunion 48 Years Later

In 1974 there were three guys all looking for the same thing; forming a vocal show group that had the right chemistry, sound and an opportunity to share their talent with the world. The group was born and was called Tapestry. It was composed of a singing drummer from El Paso , Texas, a singing guitarist from Springfield, Ohio and a singing keyboard player from Westminster, California. The group, after rehearsing for two weeks, played its first job at the Sahara, Lake Tahoe for what was supposed to be for one week and held over for six. During that time Tapestry was marquee’d with Elvis, Diana Ross, The Fifth Dimension, The Jackson Five and Isaac Hayes. During their almost four year stint they toured Canada three times (six months each time), played all throughout the U.S. except for just a few New England states. They performed with or accompanied notables Pete Barbutti, Jackie Vernon, Command Performance and the all-girl Korean group – The Dae-Han Sisters. One album was recorded at QCA Studios In Cincinnati, Ohio. The group had many offers to play out of the country including an opportunity to play for the Shah of Iran, a tour of Johannesburg, South Africa and doing their shows on a cruise line. It was a great and memorable ride – never to be forgotten.

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